We are alive. Really!

Hey, guys! It has been a while, right? Were you guys surprised to see us gone for a while? :P

I owe you a story. Few weeks ago I had to take time off the group for a while because exam was coming. When I returned the blog crashed because there were technical errors and it had to be hidden away from public view for a while. The blog link was redirected to the forum. Then I had an academic problem which made me had to fly back to the city where my university is located even though I had arrived at home for holiday… Wait, that’s me complaining, lol. Basically everyone was busy for a while, confused, unorganized. Or so it seems. But trust me, we’re working hard behind the scenes to get the chapters moving!

So today we have the first MASS RELEASE for you all! Chapters released today:

  • Xing Gui volume 03 chapter 13
  • Pupipo! volume 01 chapter 06-07
  • Yi Bi Zhi Ming chapter 05-06

As usual, kindly do not upload these chapters at any online reader within the first 24 hours. My internet connection is not too good now unfortunately so anyone can upload these releases on Batoto tomorrow, 24 hours from this post.

The mass release is to celebrate the return of the group, the return of the blog, and… Pay attention to your address bar for a while. YES! WE HAVE A NEW DOMAIN! Raindrops Scanlations can now be accessed under new address > www.raindrops-scans.net < The forum is also moved, by the way, to > www.raindrops-scans.net/forum/ < The blog, as you can see, is still in maintenance and development, so forgive us for any glitches. Any issues, problems, or suggestions, let the team know by writing comments, posting at the forum, or sending e-mails to admin@raindrops-scans.net if you want. Special thanks to Victoria/asa who has been working so hard as the technical administrator of the group!

Actually, before the blog went down, I mentioned an important update about our future project, Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku. In case you missed it, here I said it again: we’re getting ready to move it into our on-going project. Some of you may be aware that Psylocke Scans released its first chapter a while ago. We are aware of that, and have contacted Psylocke Scans to do a joint on Chikyuu Shinryaku. And we will be using the tankoubon scans instead of the magazine version, so there may be a re-release soon. We’re working hard on it, so please bear with us! Special thanks to Levsta who provides the raws, and Psylocke Scans for accepting the joint offer!

Wow, that’s so long, LOL~ I hope I didn’t bore you to death with those news. Anywho, please take care of us from now on and don’t forget to keep visiting! See you guys on the next release, and enjoy the chapters! ;)

  • Fan of “Xing Gui Shi Tian Kon”

    I hope you guy’s and girls will continue to scanlate “Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu”. I know personal lives comes first before this, so it’s understandable that you guy’s have decided to drop this whole scanlation thing (since it’s been almost 7 months now since your last release). It would be nice to know how you guys are all doing now (like a farewell post would be nice ^_^). Thanks for all of scanlations and translations you have done for us manga/manhui fans. :)

    - From a fan of “Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu” ^_^